I have to credit photographer Bobbi Lane for teaching me 4 words that make a tremendous difference when you are a photographer working with people- ‘May I touch you?’.  When I walk up to a bride to pull her hair out of her mouth or brush the bug off her dress, it is the first thing I ask.  The answer so far, has always been yes.  After I fix the problem, I am always thanked for noticing.  I have been told many times how nice it is to have a female photographer who notices things like a stray hair or a crooked necklace.  I ask men the same thing and I will straighten their jacket or position their fingers.  Depending on how much the groomsmen have drank, sometimes I will get a sarcastic response, that I will leave to your imagination, but lest, the answer is still yes.

I think asking that one question does more then just fix the image.  It is the start of a personal connection between you and your model.  For me, I am walking right up to someone, looking them straight in the eye and asking for their trust. Touch of often taboo in business, but for me, it is often the beginning of a connection that conveys through my camera. So for that, thank you Bobbi.