This morning I decided I was going to finish up some promo photos I shot for my good friend, Matt Baier ( a professional organizer and founding member of FOCUS (Fairfield Organizers Creating Ultimate Solutions).


As the photos were importing it was bothering me that my Lightroom catalogue was a mess and so I started moving photos around to keep up with my current ‘date order’ structure.



After that was completed, I decided I was going to retire some seasonal props to the basement. To be honest, I was just plain tired of staring at them and clear floor space has the ability to immediately make me happy.  Behind said props was another project I had completely forgotten that I decided to dig out and work on. Then I decided I would research some badly needed business software after I reviewed my Health Care Plan- are you seeing a pattern here???



Anyway, Thank you Matt Baier, Susan Lovallo and Seana Turner for helping me make today a productive day. I might have to keep your faces up on my computer everyday. Sending you the photos shortly!!

and little did we know I was listening to your lecture…