My favorite moment from behind my lens is seeing that laugh, that smile, that special moment, that will only last a second and knowing that I have captured it. After 30 years of taking photographs, it is still a point of satisfaction and one of the reasons I am always shooting.

My long and winding career started in High School as a yearbook staff photographer. At American University, I double majored in Psychology and Communications; For my Communications BA, I specialized in photography. For extra money I shot freelance gigs, worked in the school photo lab assisting students with their B/W processing and printed portraits for child photographer Libby Cullen. Through the school’s college consortium program I was able to study color printing and medium format photography with Professor Jerry Lake at George Washington University.

Back in NYC after college, I was a studio assistant at Zoom Studios working alongside well known fashion photographers and models such as Miles Aldridge and Kristin Mc Nemany.  I continued freelance work and documented my travels.

I lived in Jamaica, West Indies where I photographed and documenting life in the small seaside villages.  I lost that film, which still haunts me to this day. In my head, I can still see some of the images I captured.  Although this didn’t destroy my motivation, soon after, I put down my camera.  At the time the world was changing from film to digital.  I guess I thought it was time to get a real job- and so I did.  I always had a digital point and shoot and dabbled with the Elph so I never truly stopped shooting.

In 2008, my boyfriend bought me a digital SLR camera for Christmas.  I stared at the box not knowing if I was ready.  About 15 days later, I bought myself my first Apple laptop. I had officially arrived in the digital age; I had both a camera and somewhere to put my photos.  In 2010 Callalily Studios was created.  I built up my clientele and equipment and can now conquer great tasks! I have also formed a great relationship shooting freelance for and Greenwich LOOK magazine.

I hope you enjoy the images I have displayed here.  Feel free to review the Client section for links to more of my work.  If you would like to share a special day with me, feel free to reach out via the contact page.  I am always eager to create permanent memories of some thing, some place or some one that makes a person happy.