What is Corporate and Personal Branding Photography?

As a corporate and personal branding photographer my goal is to create cohesive images used for professional newsletters, annual reports, company websites and flyers.  These images should show the culture of the business, the people you will interact with, as well as a visual explanation of the services offered. 

Lisa Corrado- Coach and Motivational Storyteller

Lisa Corrado tells stories that show possibility, examples of everyday people going beyond surviving a challenge to creating real change for themselves and others.  Through coaching and storytelling, Lisa directs her audience to choose their own path. Supporting the concept of Felix Culpa – Latin for “fortunate fault”, something good coming as a result of something bad, Lisa encourages you to respond positively.

Our goal for Lisa’s personal branding photography was to show her ability to connect with groups in a warm, nurturing manner. 

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Matt Baier Organizing- Professional Home and Office Organizer 


Matt Baier and his team help you bring your clutter under control while ensuring you are at ease through the entire process.  They focus on the importance of the items you choose to keep and never pressure you to purge.  As the leader in team organizing, Matt’s group can effectively shorten the time it takes to get a job completed.

Matt’s website photography shows corporate headshots of his team so you know who is coming into the privacy of your home.  Our goal was to create a visual of his organizing process as some clients were having trouble understanding it verbally. 

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Salon Panache- Your Neighborhood Hair Salon


Salon Panache has been a fixture in Old Greenwich for over 30 years.  Serving a family of clients of all ages, Salon Panache keeps up with the current trends while concurrently creating timeless, classic styles.  A visit to Salon Panache will feel as if you are hanging out at an old friend’s house without breaking the bank.

Our goal was to feature the recent remodel of the Salon as well as provide a vehicle to display samples of their work.  We took in house headshots of all staff members. 

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